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Fluttersrs. by Acer-Rubrum Fluttersrs. :iconacer-rubrum:Acer-Rubrum 44 8 Under Her Wing by Acer-Rubrum Under Her Wing :iconacer-rubrum:Acer-Rubrum 425 32 Lyra, stahp. by Acer-Rubrum Lyra, stahp. :iconacer-rubrum:Acer-Rubrum 211 10 Pinkie, stahp. by Acer-Rubrum Pinkie, stahp. :iconacer-rubrum:Acer-Rubrum 105 5 Applejack, stahp. by Acer-Rubrum Applejack, stahp. :iconacer-rubrum:Acer-Rubrum 112 5 Dashie, stahp. by Acer-Rubrum Dashie, stahp. :iconacer-rubrum:Acer-Rubrum 122 5 Twilight, stahp. by Acer-Rubrum Twilight, stahp. :iconacer-rubrum:Acer-Rubrum 153 19 Rarity, stahp by Acer-Rubrum Rarity, stahp :iconacer-rubrum:Acer-Rubrum 94 5 Fluttershy, stahp. by Acer-Rubrum Fluttershy, stahp. :iconacer-rubrum:Acer-Rubrum 205 7 Trixie, stahp. by Acer-Rubrum Trixie, stahp. :iconacer-rubrum:Acer-Rubrum 307 20 Evil Toaster by Acer-Rubrum Evil Toaster :iconacer-rubrum:Acer-Rubrum 8 6 Hey Fluttershy, whats wrong? by Acer-Rubrum Hey Fluttershy, whats wrong? :iconacer-rubrum:Acer-Rubrum 401 33 This Pleases Pinkie Pie... by Acer-Rubrum This Pleases Pinkie Pie... :iconacer-rubrum:Acer-Rubrum 215 20 Sweetie Belle: What has been seen... by Acer-Rubrum Sweetie Belle: What has been seen... :iconacer-rubrum:Acer-Rubrum 277 29 Scootaloo Can't Fly by Acer-Rubrum Scootaloo Can't Fly :iconacer-rubrum:Acer-Rubrum 259 75 Flysymphony and Spitfire by Acer-Rubrum Flysymphony and Spitfire :iconacer-rubrum:Acer-Rubrum 39 9


Pinkie Pie and Joe by mysticalpha Pinkie Pie and Joe :iconmysticalpha:mysticalpha 716 67 Velvet Dreams by atryl
Mature content
Velvet Dreams :iconatryl:atryl 856 162
Sleeping Dash by ZzVinniezZ Sleeping Dash :iconzzvinniezz:ZzVinniezZ 1,376 72 MLP: wings by keterok MLP: wings :iconketerok:keterok 2,984 191 Meus Pauxillum Caballio by lord-phillock Meus Pauxillum Caballio :iconlord-phillock:lord-phillock 2,504 230 Daring Do 3D Model by Clawed-Nyasu Daring Do 3D Model :iconclawed-nyasu:Clawed-Nyasu 121 9 Stop touching me! I am the night! by Alexander93 Stop touching me! I am the night! :iconalexander93:Alexander93 755 53 Rainbow Dash Nose Boop by TheT-Rex Rainbow Dash Nose Boop :iconthet-rex:TheT-Rex 1,208 103 Gilda by atryl Gilda :iconatryl:atryl 928 78 Eat it Up by Karzahnii Eat it Up :iconkarzahnii:Karzahnii 4,468 458 I'll just wear this mustache by PheiPlushies I'll just wear this mustache :iconpheiplushies:PheiPlushies 123 24 ROFL-Roseluck Stencil by SCARFI5H ROFL-Roseluck Stencil :iconscarfi5h:SCARFI5H 103 12 fir-tree by Holivi fir-tree :iconholivi:Holivi 1,283 64 Rainbow Dashing by TheSlendid Rainbow Dashing :icontheslendid:TheSlendid 146 15 Derpina von Hoovington by Equestria-Prevails Derpina von Hoovington :iconequestria-prevails:Equestria-Prevails 2,209 240 DooDooDoo Gif:  Daring by 1n33d4hug DooDooDoo Gif: Daring :icon1n33d4hug:1n33d4hug 1,258 84




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United States
World-renowned ecologist and forester, published works in dozens of scientific journals.

Ok, I'm a forest conservationist working for the state government. Pah. I liek ponies.


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Miss-Racco0n Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
do can requests?
Kneezle Featured By Owner May 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

I took the liberty of copying one of your pony vectors: [link]

Hope this is ok, have credited you with the orginal concept! <3
HarmonyStar-v2 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013
Happy Birthday! :iconpinkiepiecakeplz:
tetrisman64 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013
Happy birthday
Horsesnhurricanes Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013
>Red maple

I c wat u did thar
tetrisman64 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012

I'd wonder if you'd like to use it as a base?
ziomal1987 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
you are doing nice vectors you think you can do babs Seed stahp
jeremymadman Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012
think you can make one of those stahps of luna? i really like them!
KatieCrace32100 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Student Writer
Done! I hope you like it!
Also, do you want specific rules for this?
Acer-Rubrum Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nah, youre cool as it is, just leave a link to my profile on its page and youre good to go
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